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 Why Portugal?

Privileged Location: Gateway to Europe and entrance to more than 47 countries.

Safety: Is one of the safest countries in the world.

Lifestyle: with aproximately 260 sunny days in the year, a varied choice of leisure and luxury lifestyle, combined with advanced health care and international education. One of the best and most varied gastronomy in the world, providing the healthy mediterraneum lifestyle.

Culture: A significant part of portuguese people speaks english, known for beeing friendly. Country rich in history and culture, with many places to visit, from palaeolithic monuments, castles, palaces and places known as world heritage.

Europe’s largest coastline, ideal for leisure, fishing, water sports, surf and with many health benefits.

Security investment: one of the most advanced legislation in Europe, who protect tax payers and investors.

Buying and selling real estate properties is transparent and legality of all documentation is verified by a notary before the property deed is signed.

Portugal’s many benefits in combination with the regulation to obtain a Golden Residence (Golden Visa) is becoming one of the best destination to invest in real estate properties.